More on Full Grooming

Types of grooming available include;

Traditional Breed Cuts Lifestyle Cuts (great for the beach dog) Designer Cuts

shaggy_dogA full groom includes cleaning out the hair under the paws around the pads, between the back legs, clean and pluck (if required) the ears, bath at which time we can express the anal glands (if required), a blow dry and groom out the coat then clip the softened toe nails. We then clip the coat to the style we had agreed upon. At DogsBody Grooming Parlour we always do two shampoos.  When required on exceptionally dirty dogs a third or fourth shampoo is done.  If your dog has an itchy skin we will use an Oatmeal based shampoo or if the skin is very sensitive we use a medicated shampoo.  When we notice fleas or ticks during the bath we finish with a natural pyrethrin flea rinse.

During the bath and drying process we give your pet a free health check and inform you of any problems such as sore joints, hot spots, ear/eye infections, fleas etc.

Quotations for grooming and pampering your dog depends on the size and service your dog requires. Our prices start from $30.  Please call (09) 473 1500 for a verbal quotation.

House Rules

We like friendly, well-behaved dogs, so if your dog is hard to handle and we need to use two groomers, there will be an additional charge. Matts: We believe in humanity before vanity. Matts and knots can be very painful to remove, so we reserve the right to refuse to dematt a dog. Matt removal will be an additional charge.  We will discuss the options with you and decide which is the best for your dog. Scheduled Appointments: Punctuality is appreciated as we are on a tight schedule.  If you are more than 15 minutes late your appointment may need to be re-scheduled.  We would prefer you drop your dog off early rather than being late for your appointment.  Later pickup by arrangement only. Missed Appointments: We reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee unless 24hrs notice is received.