He can't get in to see Glenda fast enough
Sam really likes chasing his ball, a tug of war, a cuddle on mum's lap or walk with dad, a trip in the car and ... right up there ... a visit to DogsBody Grooming Parlour. He can't get in to see Glenda fast enough - would definitely vist every day if he could. The family are always delighted at the results because Sam takes full advantage to show off his good looks! I don't know how they manage it because Sam really does not like keeping still. Thank you SO much Glenda & Team at DogsBody Grooming Parlour. Janet & Sam
The dogs always love going to "Aunty Glenda's"
I'm writing to say how thrilled we are, as always, with the latest groom of Mighty, Minx, Mini and Cooper.The dogs always love going to "Aunty Glenda's" and I'm sure they know they are in for a treat. Myk heard you talking to the dogs when he called to collect them and he said you talk to them just as we do. I'm so pleased you treat them as your babies too. They come back home looking like proper Griffons with their nice hair cuts. Thanks for the great service. Cheryl & Myk
Thank you for treating our Zoe with kindness and respect
I would like to thank Glenda for all the time and effort she puts into our 5 year old golden retriever Zoe. I know she can be a bit of a handful!!! Zoe is very nervous and a real home body, but she loves leaving with her new groomed style and I am sure it is because she feels, looks and smells terrific. Thank you Glenda for treating our Zoe with kindness and respect, you have a real knack with dogs. The Ransfields
I just love going to Dogs Body
Hi I’m Chelsie. Every 5 weeks my appointments booked and I’m off to see Glenda and her Team @ Dogs Body Grooming Parlour. A shampoo, blow-dry, cut, ears and nails for me. When I’m done I look and smell just right as I should as you see I’m a Labradoodle. Anita and Brian my loving companions know they have taken the best care of me especially when Glenda becomes their extra set of eyes. She alerts them to anything she sees during my groom that is helpful to my wellbeing. I just love going to Dogs Body.
Mum says it is just like a 4 star hotel
Hi, my name is Tyson. I live with my friends Holly & Roxy and we have been going to the groomers for over 10 years. Glenda is really nice, she gives us lots of cuddles and when she has finished grooming us, man we look good! The girls love the bath and blow-dry of course. When all is done they get a bow and some smelly stuff (it smells okay - just like mums). If you want to treat your pets then Dogs Body Grooming Parlour is the place to go. Mum says it is just like a 4 star hotel except you don't stay overnight and you don't get meals --- but you do get lots of Love. Come on guys and girls, come and find out for yourselves.
Glenda is a dog whisperer
"I have to say that Glenda is a dog whisperer in my book. I have a Jack Russell called Norman who has a fear of having his nails clipped. I've taken him to two different vets clinics to have his nails clipped unsuccessfully. The only way I could possibly cut his nails without him going crazy was to put him in the middle of a swimming pool on a boogie board and whilst he clings on to the side of the boogie board I manage to get one or two nails as he is distracted. I took Norman to Dog's Body Grooming Parlour and Glenda was amazing. She managed to clip all of his nails including his back ones. Glenda was so kind and encouraged Norman as she clipped each nail. I'm so grateful to her and so is Norman" Annie
When I returned to collect Sam I was thrilled
I have a Schnauzer, who on occasions can be quite stroppy, but that all changed when we met Glenda at Dogs Body Grooming Parlour. Sam had been to other Groomers but never quite looked like he should. Then I made an appointment with Glenda who treated Sam kindly and with respect. She listened to my requests and when I returned to collect Sam I was thrilled, he looked like he should, a real Schnauzer. That was 3 years ago and now Sam looks forward to seeing Glenda every three weeks for either a full groom or shampoo and brush. At a certain point on the drive to Glenda's Sam gets quite excited - it is as if he knows where he is going and can't wait to get there! I have no hesitation in recommending Glenda and the team; they know how to treat you and your precious. Well done Glenda.