Frequently asked questions ...

Does my dog need to be groomed?
All dogs can benefit from grooming, but not all dogs require it as much as others! Short and smooth coated dogs won't need nearly as much grooming in their lives as those with long and/or thick coats. Even very short haired dogs benefit from a good bath & nail trim from time to time.
Do you do all types of dogs?
Yes, we cater for all breeds, sizes and ages whether they are short or long haired.
How often should I get my dog groomed?
If your dog is of a type that needs regular clipping then we recommend a minimum of being groomed every 13 weeks, which equals 4 times a year. Much more often if you desire a longer 'fluffier' style of trim, maybe every 4-6 weeks. Dogs that have thick coats that shed, like golden retrievers and collies benefit from a grooming at least twice a year, in the spring and autumn. This is the time when they are changing between their winter coat and their summer coat. They will be moulting more than usual and require the dead coat to be stripped out before it packs down. Smooth coated dogs really only require a bath as needed!
What do you do with my dog?
We try to start with your dog as soon as it arrives in, though in some cases they do go into one of our crates to wait their turn. When we start on them, we clip and/or brush them thoroughly all over to ensure there are no mats or tangles anywhere, we also clean their ears before the bath. After their warm shampoo they are blow dried, which can take a long time with thick coated dogs. Their nails are now clipped as we believe they are softer after the bath. The coat is clipped again before using scissors to carefully hand finish their groom. When finished they get a bow and a spray of cologne, and given a cuddle before going back to a crate to wait to be picked up.
How long does it take?
We ask for two hours, however if your dog's coat is very matted it may take longer. A small dog does not necessarily mean it will take less time. If we are finished sooner we can call you to let you know.
How will you control my dog?
We are firm but gentle with our commands and regulars can be picked by how they sit, stand, and turn around on a simple request with praise! We tether your dog so they cannot jump/slip off the table or jump out of the bath. Large dogs can sometimes need a second webbing strap under their tummy so as to be able to groom around their back end without them sitting down or twirling around!
What if my dog bites?
Most dogs don't want to bite us, they simply want us to stop whatever it is we're doing (usually brushing knots out!!). With that in mind many dogs can simply be taught that snapping isn't accepted, and that with firm but gentle handling they can learn it's not so bad after all. Dogs that bite despite everything will be muzzled for the part of grooming they are worried about; it makes it safer for everyone.
Can I stay and watch?
We prefer the owner doesn't stay, as most dogs are like children, they settle down once their owner has left. If you return before we have finished your dog you are welcome to sit quietly in reception and watch in the mirror on the wall. Most pets know the sound of your vehicle and will sense that you are here before they see you.
How do I stop my dog getting knotty?
In most cases you have three choices to keep your dog knot free. 1: keep your dog brushed/combed well at home (to the point a steel comb can go through any part of the coat easily). 2: Bring your dog to us regularly to be kept brushed (this may need to be as often as every week!) or 3: keep the hair short on your dog with regular clips by us so it isn't long enough to knot. We offer grooming classes to help in keeping your dog well groomed at home. The main key is getting right down to the skin and not just fluffing over the top, and doing every inch of the dogs body. We are happy for regular 'inbetween' appointments where we simply give your dog a thorough brush out to ensure they're not matted by the time their full grooming time comes along. If there are consistent problems in keeping your dog free from large knots we will resort to clipping them close, for the sake of the dog, it isn't fair to be pulling on their skin all the time, and sometimes it ends up being easier to keep your dog warm than keeping it brushed/combed.
What is the best brush/comb for us?
The large majority of long haired dogs benefit from a simple good quality comb. Come in and ask us if you are not sure. The main thing is to get right to the skin with any tool you use, a brush skims over the top when the hair gets longer.
How do I stop eye stains?
The discolouration on white dogs is common, and can be caused by many things. We recommend trialing a food without red meat or red food colouring (including 'snacks'!) as that can often be a factor. Check next time you are with the vets that the tear ducts aren't blocked, as that can be a cause as well. Regular wiping of the eyes to help prevent any build up of moisture helps a lot on minimal problems, and carefully ensuring the hair around the eyes isn't poking into the eye causing it to 'cry' excessively as well.
Will my dog get cold in winter?
If your dog normally is kept fairly short and is an inside pet then it won't make any real difference over winter, though they may enjoy wearing a coat when it is wet outside! Dogs that normally have a long coat and then get clipped short will feel a change, especially if they were very knotted. For this reason we prefer clients come in to get their dog clipped short before the bad winter weather hits us, so the dog has time to acclimatise and also to grow a little more hair by the time the cold weather comes. For most dogs the length of coat doesn't make much difference at all, it is the thickness of their coat that keeps them warm, and that doesn't change with clipping. We always make sure the dogs are dry before they leave us so they won't get a chill from the bath either. We use a longer blade over winter to leave a few extra millimeters, as long as your dog isn't too knotted.
Will you put my dog in a cage?
In most cases, yes. Remember that a huge proportion of our regular dogs, that would likely hate to be in a cage at home, come running in, open the cage doors, and put themselves in! It is a safe bed for them to be in while they are with us, it means there is no chance that your dog can slip out the door accidentally, and cannot get into a fight with another dog, nor can they get accidentally stood on by us working. We have a grass area out the back where the dogs can be toileted, and we offer water if being left with us for long as well. Often well behaved dogs will be allowed out to play, especially if they are the only other dog in with us at the time, but if we are busy and unable to supervise them directly your dog will be safer waiting in it's own crate eliminating any risks!
When should my puppy get it's first professional grooming?
Hopefully your breeder has already started the grooming process with your puppy, but either way, the earlier you bring your pup in to us the better! We are happy for them to come into Dogs Body Grooming Parlour once they have had all of their injections. For a start we can simply trim the spiky hair in-front of their eyes, and do their nails while you wait, it starts the process of the puppy coming in to us and being used to us handling them, without being such a long scary process as if you don't bring them in until they are 7 months old and matted! We have lots of tips for the new puppy owner to use to ensure they have a dog that accepts all forms of grooming. Just give us a call or pop in with your new pup and we're happy to chat!! The age they need their first actual trim varies widely, as some people can keep them well brushed and shaggy for a long time, where-as others want them kept with short fur from the start. The fact is, long haired dogs WILL need to be groomed their entire lives, whether they like it or not! So it's in everyone's best interest to start them young and make it as least stressful as we can!
What does it cost?
The cost varies dependant on other factors such as the current condition of your dog's coat and the difficulty of the cut. To get an accurate quote for your dog you are best to give us a call or drop in with your dog.
What if my adult dog has never been groomed before?
We are always happy to work slowly with unsure dogs, and make sure it's as least stressful as possible. In the end we will always do what we can, and if the dog is really just stressing out too much we won't push it and force them to accept anything too far beyond their comfort zone. This may mean your dog isn't properly dry (particularly around the face & ears!) but for the sake of your dog we refuse to put them through too much, especially for a new dog, and as long as we've done as much as we can, we will leave it at that. Usually we can build it up over successive appointments, and they get better each time as they get to know what to expect from the whole process.
What if my dog doesn't like water?
We do not submerge the dog in water, we use a special 'shower' type system that uses warm water being poured over them from a shower head, some dogs still don't like this but most will accept it much better than trying to place them in a tub full of water! We always ensure a dog is hooked to the back of the bath so they cannot hurt themselves jumping out of the raised tubs. We gently wash their face by hand so as they don't get worried about the water in their eyes & nose.
What if my dog doesn't like blow driers?
Quite a few dogs just don't like it around their faces & ears, so we just dry them as best we can. If they are really worried about the driers we have another system where they can sit comfortably in a cage while a drier gently keeps air circulating over them in the cage and dry them 'naturally' . We've never had a problem with dogs not accepting this form of drying. Please note that with our 'cage drying' the cage is all open wire so they cannot overheat as they could with some other systems.
What if my dog is very old?
We always work carefully with all dogs, but even more so with older dogs. Many old dogs cannot stay standing for long periods of time so we use two people so the dog is well supported at all times. We are always happy to 'do what we can' with older dogs. We will never force any dog to do more than they are able, and that goes for all dogs of any age.
What if my dog has fleas?
We use a natural flea rinse after the shampoo to help kill the adult fleas on your dog. We recommend that you follow up with flea treatment on your dog 24-48 hours after the groom and to treat it's bedding and environment at home to prevent re-infestation.
What if my dog is nervous?
Much the same as if your dog is very old or very young, we will work with them slowly, and do what we can. We flatly refuse to put any dog through more than they can cope with, and while anything we do may be of some stress, we will never push a dog to accept too much beyond their comfort zone. In the event your dog is just too stressed out, we will simply stop, even if it means your dog isn't finished. Sometimes we can continue later if they settle down again, or maybe we can finish them on another day, but most dogs, even nervous ones, with gentle but firm handling do accept most of our grooming and we can build it up each time they come in until they are more confident with us and learn what to expect.